Monday, September 16, 2013

The Disney Spirit

Just his size!

Scary candy apple.

Best roller coaster ever.

Tourist pics.  Even the trash cans are shiny.

Clearly not of royal blood.  Maybe if he had any blood at all . . .

Swiss Family Robinson house!

Waiting for fireworks.

Good Eats

The Rainforest Cafe, full of greenery and screeching animals.  Very nostalgic.

Later, he opted for something a little more refined, breakfast quiche in France.

Shopping!  But not buying.

Long Lost Relations

Hey, cousins!  Time out for happy snaps.

Mini Safari

Took a few minutes to drive through Africa, deep in Animal Kingdom. :)

Giraffes in the road!  But beware the rude elephants around the bend . . .

Oh, my.  Moving right along. . .

Satch and the upside down tree!  Seriously, that's what they call it.  Look it up.

Gettin' the hairy eyeball from some zebras.

And from the white rhinos.  Can this bus go any faster?

Wait, where are we?