Thursday, July 19, 2012

Out for Pizza

His favorite, veggie pizza and water on the rocks!  If only they had a bendy straw.

Indian Mounds

'Ocmulgee National Monument protects and preserves "Lands commonly known as
the Old Ocmulgee Fields," which documents a 12,000-year continuum of people and their
Middle Georgia environment.' 
Wow, heavy stuff, just like those big baskets of dirt they used to make these hills.

Nobody said anything about keeping off the sign.

Dickey Farms

Shopping for a little local color at Dickey Farms.  Always excited about fresh fruit!


Headin' South Again

Satchmo is becoming quite familiar with this stretch of I-95.  Here he's stopped at a Cracker Barrel on his way down to Georgia, anticipating a lovely lunch of chicken salad and getting in some practice at the peg game while Tom'Atto isn't around.