Monday, July 26, 2010

Cross-Country Monkey

After several years of living quietly in his country home, Tom'Atto Katchoop will be taking to the road again to escape the Virginia heat and explore the Golden State. Foremost among his objectives is a desire to hit the beaches, encounter wildlife, absorb the local color of Monterey, and do a great deal of souvenir shopping.

This decision to leave private life comes after the sensational tour of Canada by his friend and associate, Ruger A. Dillo. Like Mr. Dillo, Mr. Katchoop has expressed a love for travel, saying it brings him back to his roots at a roadside gas station in Georgia. While he always loves a good road trip, Mr. Katchoop is willing to overcome a significant fear of flying to make this trip possible. He is scheduled for arrival on the Pacific coast early next month.

Previously, Mr. Katchoop has been known for his comedic talent, as well as his avant-garde photography. While in California, he hopes to combine those two pursuits, or perhaps enter the world of exotic dance. He claims his mother thought him very talented.

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